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Establish, Engage, Promote

Maximise Revenue Through Digitalisation

Leverage on customer loyalty and keep customers engaged with your business through innovative touchpoints and a complete CRM ecosystem.

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How it Works

AI-Powered Automation, To Reach Out Directly To Customers.

Establish relationships, keep track of customer behavior and make timely relationships: multiple engines in one universal centralized platform.

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Marketing Insights

Powerful CRM

WhatsApp API Engine 

ClearCradle AI Technology

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AI-Powered Insights

Increase Transactions

Effective Marketing

The Salebuilder dashboard puts all the essential information you need to keep track of all your customer details, activities and behaviours pertaining to your business. Connect with them via powerful automated Whatsapp APIs (powered by ClearCradle AI) to keep customers constantly engaged.

Put Salebuilder to work and connect with your customers.

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Easy integration for any business. 

No apps, no downloads: a seamless user experience.

Unlike conventional CRM and customer loyalty management platforms, Salebuilder works with just a computer and internet connection. No additional hardware or software need for both the seller and their customers.

AI-Powered analytics

Identify key customer data and metrics to create a brand that people keep coming back for more.

Automated customer activity alerts

Idle customer alerts

Smart customer segmentation

An effective marketing solution

Salebuilder includes an advanced Whatsapp API that makes effective direct marketing a breeze.

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Get customers onboard

Start your first Salebuilder Campaign at $500

Begin onboarding your walk-in customers (up to 1000 sign ups) to your Salebuilder account with promotional material provided by the Salebuilder marketing team. Ask our consultants to find out more!

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